Welcome to Boho Limited

I love traveling the world and learning about different cultures and just the history of everything. Somewhere along the road I became quite interested in the Bohemian life style. Their history was just so interesting, their culture of travel and providing services either with their skills, arts and crafts seem to be my cup of life's tea for sure.


The original Bohemians were mainly known as wanderers, a people with no home until France gave them a place to be even if they were still outcasts. Gypsies was another name for them, often villainized because the world didn't understand them. But what was not to understand?

Perhaps it was just jealousy because they were free from society's norm. Now the name is more associated with artists who live by their own rules if any at all. Its not just a way of being, but also a decor, a style, a fashion. It's so much more than a look but here we are at Boho Limited, with a style that comes with no rules, do these clothes make you a bohemian? Of course not, but why not look cute while you decide your own path.